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Brain Behind Challenging Our Minds (COM)

The COM system is based upon more than 25 years of work and research conducted by Dr. Odie Bracy, a clinical neuropsychologist. He is the Director of the Cognitive Enhancement Systems LLC and Neuroscience Center of Indianapolis. His NPO therapy system has been utilized in over 5000 facilities around the world including four US Military bases and Five US Veteran's Administration Medical centers. It is being used by clinicians in 26 countries.
Challenging Our Minds (COM) is a cognitive skills enhancement system designed especially for students (about 6 to 23 years old) but it can also be used by an individual of any age for the same purpose. COM was designed to develop and enhance cognitive functions across the seven different domains namely : Attention, Executive, Memory, Visuospatial, Problem Solving, Communication and Psychosocial Skills.


META INSTITUTE OF HUMAN DEVELOPMENT (META-IHD) partners with schools and educational institutions in India to provide noble training programs to our children, teachers, educationalist and parents to create knowledge based society which empowers our nation. META-IHD is the exclusive partner of Cognitive Enhancement Systems LLC and Neuroscience Center of Indianapolis to promote their unique Cognitive Enhancement Training "Challenging Our Minds" (COM) in India.

Challenging our minds