Neuro Science Center of Indianapolis has developed a Neuro Psycho Online (NPO) system based upon more than 25 years of work and research conducted by Dr. Odie Bracy, a clinical neuropsychologist and Director of the Neuroscience Center of Indianapolis. This NPO therapy system has been utilized in over 5,000 facilities around the world. TheNeuropsychonline therapy system is currently being used for rehabilitation treatment at four US Military Bases and five US Veteran's Administration Medical Centers. It is being used by clinicians in 26 countries outside of the United States.


In cognitive Enhancement Systems LLC, Dr.Odie Bracy has developed Challenging Our Minds (COM) based upon scientific research to enhancement the cognitive skills necessary for optimal functioning with academics and daily life of students. They first adapted the cognitive rehabilitation therapy system for use in schools in 1990 and have researched and modified the system continuously since that time.Three research publications have shown the significant advantages of participation in our intervention program for all children, not just those with special needs. The first demonstrated the effectiveness of cognitive skills training for improving the intellectual functioning of 12 to 14 year-old children over a 9-week study and subsequent measurement by Jackson's Multidimensional Aptitude Battery. The second research project included over 250 students (half with pre-study IQs less than 100 and the other half above 100) over a six year period. Both experimental groups showed significant increases in IQ. The third project expanded to include students from 5 to 18 years. Experimental Groupshowed significantly more gain than the Control Group.