The cognitive exercises are arranged in our domains. Within each domain the exercises are arranged from simple to more complex. Progression through the system is automatically monitored by the system and each student can progress at his or her own pace. Mastery of each level of each exercise is required for one to be promoted to the next level or next exercise in a domain. The system automatically keeps track of where one stops work during a session and will start back on the next session at the point where the child stopped. We recommend devoting at least 30 minutes to an hour of interaction with the system every day. The cognitive exercises are designed as games. Even though they are game like, each level of each exercise is specifically designed to address the development of important cognitive skills. The game like atmosphere and Al, a cartoon character take off on Albert Einstein make the cognitive exercises fun to do.


Students from Standard 1 to post-graduation level can enrol this programme through their respective schools, colleges or nearest CMA Mental Arithmetic Study Centres. To know more details about the enrolment you may contact us at +91-8281777333.